Advisory Management

Vantage Industries provides Advisory Management services to new market entrants and investors in Central and Eastern European economies.

We focus on most promising industries in terms of growth and development potential due to already present or upcoming significant changes in the market trends, regulations and/or technology.

We apply Top-Down analysis - once we get to see a specified business environemnt from macro perspective we are initially able to assess potential growth capabilities. In case of positive indicators, we move to the next phases of the process which finally lead us to investment opportunities.

We develop suitable framework to provide detailed research and analysis and thus make the process more efficient, effective and aligned with a specified industry and objectives.

We often use our own hypothesis to guide research; once we confirm its validity, it's a sign for us of existing hidden growth potential. We are most willing to detect upcoming change of trend opportunities, therefore the adequate timing is crucial. Unawareness of market participants gives us huge advantage which translates into bargain opportunities (e.g. undervalued assets) for our clients.

Specified Investment Opportunities Assessment is not less important phase; after the list of top business opportunities is created we begin the process. We collect detailed data and information and convert it into business knowledge with aim to provide the client with wide spectrum of best quality choices and solutions. We also deliver after transaction scenarios and strategies to let the client prepare for long-term decision making process.