Trading & Supplies

Trading & Supplies is one of our key departments. Our main focus is on completing supplies of raw materials and semi-finished products to manufacturers of consumer products, and at the same time buying and distributing final products to wholesalers and chain stores. Such strategy gives us market advantage due to the fact that we are well oriented in the market situation from both perspectives considering manufacturer - procurement and distribution. Therefore, we often have indirect influence on prices and terms at which we are able to buy final products from manufacturers. Other advantage is ability to adjust logistics in most efficient way due to long supply chains which we coordinate.

Due to our business relations with number of producers around the world, we are able to offer suitable raw materials and semi-finished products at required quantities. We specialize in supplies of chemicals and petrochemicals to various industries where it's possible to use our supply as raw materials and additives in the production processes. We are prepared to supply our customers with the chemicals and petrochemicals  directly to production facilities and guarantee preferred way of packaging and delivery. With regards to sea freight, we manage and organize container and bulk cargo supplies. For details please contact us directly.